Monday, October 10, 2011

Sounds of Halloween

Having the right atmosphere in your home at Halloween is important, especially during your all important and amazing party. In the past, I usually do a collection of Youtube videos that I run all night long - my own little MTV show that goes on with all of my favorite Halloweenesque songs. If you don't have time to put together a spooky video montage, the next best thing is to just pop in some good Halloween music. Here are some great suggestions for you.

6 albums, put out by various artists, that have some amazing and fun original music on them. They are all instrumentals so it would be perfect for just "mood" music.

All 6 albums are available on Amazon for download for $6.99 - 7.99. Click on the individual albums to get a list and sample of each of the songs

Awesome album! I think this will be on my purchase list this year. I just found out about this album the other day from a friend and love it. If you like funky rock-a-billy music this is a must for you. It is so fun to listen to, and the lyrics are so clever, that it will really get your grove on.

Available for download for $8.99

If you want to stick with the more traditional songs: "Monster Mash", "Twilight Zone", "Ghostbusters", that sort of thing, then this album will be more your style.

Delivery only for $7.99

However, if you are one who does not like to spend a ton of money, then here is your answer..... Halloween Radio. Perfect!! I listen to this quite often. I has a ton of the songs above, plus so much more, it's fun. Good clean music, and a huge variety. You don't have control over the music you get like you would with buying your own albums, but hey, it's radio and that's how radio is.

They also have a bunch of albums for sale on there too. Check it out!

Happy hauntings!

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