Monday, November 28, 2011

Pictures With Santa

As you know from my post "10 Tips For Surviving Black Friday" Jess and I are Black Friday Shoppers. We started the tradition about 6 years ago, and both of us are very protective of our day: it's always just the two of us and we like it that way. We have certain places, and certain things we do every year, and one of them is to get our picture taken with Santa!

You are never too old to get your picture taken with Santa... that is why he is sitting on such a large chair, so those of us that would break his lap can sit next to him instead of on him. It is such a fun tradition that I think Jess and I will be doing it even when I have to be wheeled up in my wheel chair some day ;o)
We always end up at the same booth every year, and get our picture taken with the same Santa. It will be a sad, sad day indeed when we walk up to this booth and some imposter will be sitting in his place: I dread the day. Jess and I have at least 6 pictures taken with this wonderful man and it is the thing we look forward to the most. He actually recognized us this year! What a special treat that was for us!!

The best part about doing this fun tradition on Black Friday morning? NO LINES! Yup, we never have to wait in line, and that is saying something if you have ever seen some of those Santa lines. I think one year we had three little ones we had to stand behind, but that is the longest line we have ever had to wait in.

So, next time you take the kiddos to get their picture taken with Santa, consider sitting in. It's really fun, and Santa loves all the children ;o)

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