Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Bizarres!

My mom and I have a Christmas tradition at the beginning of every December to go to "The Victorian Christmas", which a large local Christmas Bizarre. This is one of the things on my list of festivities that really puts me in the Christmas mood. Surrounding myself with Christmas music, decorations and activities fits the bill perfectly.

There are a few wins about visiting a local bizarre to do some of your Christmas shopping: It's so full of Christmas that if it doesn't put you into the spirit your middle name is Ebenezer - you can find some wonderful, handcrafted and unique gifts - you are supporting the local economy. I always try my best to supporting the local guys, since I myself am one of those little guys!

I, of course, cannot really put on here the wonderful things I found this year since my family actually reads this blog: I wouldn't want to give away any of their gifts. The cute little Moose and snowman above however is what my mother decided to buy me..... yes, I am spoiled, but in a good Kimchi kind of way ;o)

Christmas Bizarres are usually easy to find. Just about every community center will have one at some point during the season. The one we go to every year is put on at our fair grounds, so check that out as well. Peruse through your local listings and you are sure to find one or two that look promising. There are always a lot of fun activities going on as well, including that wonderful Picture with Santa that you need to get this year! Ours always has the Merry-Go-Round going for free.

(here Jess and I are riding it a few years ago)

Make this a tradition for yourself as well. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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