Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Be A Kid Again

Last night was Jess's last night home before heading back to school and she wanted to have a little party. Sunday night her cousin, age 20, was over along with her boyfriend, also age 20: Jess is 19.

What did they do? They built a fort and spent the night in it.

They had quite an elaborate fort that pretty much took over my office and half of my living room.

No proper fort is complete without sentinels placed at each opening to protect you as you sleep

They set up the computer inside to watch a movie, did the all important McDonald's run for fuel and caffeine to stay awake all night long and climbed inside. 

They really did spend all night in there too. I woke up yesterday morning to this beautiful mess with all three grown adult children sleeping inside. It warmed my heart.

It just goes to show that you are never to old to be a child.

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