Monday, January 2, 2012

My New Years Resolution

I am not a new years resolution type gal. I have always figured, if you want to do something why wait until new years to start it? I have, however, decided to start something this year and January first was as good as any other day to start it. I'm going to do a running streak this year.

On of the things I am most passionate about in my life, besides my family, is health and fitness. I love to feel healthy and like I have control over at least one thing in my life. My favorite exercise? Running. I love to be out on a good long run. It is one of the most meditative times of my day, just me and my mind out there alone, both running free.

I'm not really sure why I have decided to start a running streak, I just think it would be an admirable goal. I usually run 3-4 times a week, and cross train the rest of the time, so running every day will be new for me. I have a feeling this will not be easy - there are so many times that running, even for us passionate crazies, is most undesirable - but I am determined.
In order for a streak to be continued, you have to run at least one mile each day. I figured the weather can be so bad, or I can't be too sick to haul my can out for one stupid mile. I will say up front though, I will not be doing this at risk of life or limb. I will be smart about it and if it comes down to running or my health and safety, I will not run.

I will keep everyone posted as to how this little adventure is going. I will try to give at least monthly reports on my progress - heck, if you have to check in with someone and be accountable it's a whole lot harder to skip so this will help me out.
So, curious. Who out there re-boots themselves on January 1st and does new years resolutions, and who just looks at is as another day? If you are a new years resolutionist, what sort of things are you working on? I would love to share in goals with everyone and keep each other going.

Here's to 2012! 

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