Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bohnanza - The Bean Game

This simple game was introduced to us by the Hamblins (Aaron's little sister Amy, who is a regular guest writer here on FS). It's really easy, fun and can incorporate a wide age range - ages 8 and up - so everyone feels included.

It's a game of trading, planting and harvesting beans: and the more you get the more money you earn to win the game. Sounds kind of corny I know, we thought the same thing at first, but it is really a mindlessly fun game!

Can be played with 2-7 players but we find 4-6 works best. As mentioned before, the age is 8 and up. 

One of the unique rules of this game is cards CANNOT be rearranged. You must play them in the order they were drawn, making you plan and strategize a bit with what you are going to do with the cards coming up.

If you are looking for a new and unusual game for your next family night or small gathering, I would definitely recommend this one! It's quick to learn and easy to visit over.

HERE is a full list of rules

If you cannot find this game at your local game store you can get it HERE on Amazon.

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