Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Our Birthday!!

Yup! I can't believe that I have been at this for one full year now! One year is always my marker to decided if I need to stay with something. I figure, after a year of giving something all you got, it is going to either work or it's not. A year is long enough to truly give something a chance but not so long that you are wasting your life away on something that isn't going to amount to anything. I am very excited to say, I have lasted a year and am still going strong!

I have given up a few things after one year: Avon and USANA - both marketing pyramids... ya, a pyramid isn't my favorite shape unless it's sitting in the middle of a desert; business plans and marketing strategies - I have lost a few dollars over the years trying out different ad campaigns; my new crazy "give it a year" plan? My running streak. We'll see how I feel about that in a year ;o)

There are a lot more things in my life that have stuck after giving them a year. Exercise, which is now as much a part of me as breathing; drumming and music - though I don't practice as much as I like because there are only so many hours in a day, I still love it when I have the chance; Photography - still learning and loving every new aspect; and Blogging... we were meant to be together.

It's amazing the people you meet and the connections you make through the internet. All of the sudden you can talk to, and work with, anyone in the world. You are only limited by your imagination - I have a pretty extensive imagination! I really am a 13 year old in a 40 something body some times.

If I could ask for one birthday wish, it would be this. I LOVE people, and I want to get to know my readers. I want to know who you are, where you are from and what inspires you? What can I do in the next year to help you along the way?

I would LOVE it if you would all just pop me a little message, either on here or facebook. Tell me your name, where you are from and your favorite color (mine is green by the way ;o). Let me know how long you have been following my blog and if there is anything you would love to see us write about this next year.

It would be super cool if more than my sisters responded to this, but even if they are the only ones, I am excited to see what their favorite color is (except Amy, I know it's blue!)
Have a wonderful 2012 and we will see you every morning, Monday through Friday, right here on Family Strong. Here's to another full year!

cake design and picture taken by Pink Cake Box


  1. Happy Birthday!!!
    I'm Lisa, from Michigan. I love all the colors. I found your blog during the Countdown to Halloween in 2011.

  2. I have to admit that I am a color freak as well - I love ALL colors - depends on my mood.

    Glad that Countdown hooked us up Lisa! I enjoy following your blog as well ;o) Was just looking at all of the amazing glassware you found the other day. Wish I had more time to sluth the thrift stores! They can be such a treasure trove of finds if you have the time.

  3. Well fine then I wont tell you my favorite color but I will say Happy Blog Birthday!!! Keep 'em coming!