Friday, January 13, 2012

Pet Benefits

by Amy Hamblin

I come from a long line of pet haters.  If you told any of my family members that they were pet haters they would deny it:  we all know, however, that they would be lying.  They would give excuses like, “as long as they are outside pets” or “if I didn’t have to feed them or pet them”.  Yeah, my family is full of pet haters.  I have to admit that I am one myself BUT a few years ago read about the benefits for kids of having pets. After that we went to the Humane Society and bought our cat Tiger.

Did you know that it actually puts kids at less risk for allergies if they are brought up in a home with pets?  Most people think the opposite.  Having a pet can increase their social skills too.  This is because they have to put themselves in the pets place to decide how best to take care of it and in turn this helps them to have more sympathy for others.  Pets also help children who are close to their parents by bolstering self esteem or to those neglected by parents in helping them to become good care givers even when they were not taught to be good care givers.  It is also said that having a pet will help a child to cope with and understand the facts of life, reproduction, illness, accidents or death.  The list just goes on and on about the benefits of pets.

It isn’t just great for kids though.  I was listening to the “John Tesh Radio Show” and he said that statistics show that having a dog is better than having a treadmill.  He went on to say that you have no choice but to walk a dog but many opt out of using their treadmills.  Dogs are also great conversation starters which can increase social circles.  I have also read that having a pet helps adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s and helps them to have fewer episodes.  Their care givers also benefit from these pets specifically when they are cat type pets that do not require too much care. 

Just think about it.  It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.  There are so many sad little pets at those sad shelters.  Help out your family and a helpless animal.  Go Adopt a Pet!!

Much of my info comes from these three articles.  If you don’t believe me just take a look.

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