Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Photography

We've had a very interesting few days around here. Snow, followed by an ice storm and then completed with another heavy douse of snow. Remember, I live in Seattle, so this is unusual weather for us. Aaron has only been into work a few hours in the last couple days (thank heavens for four wheel drive!) and since we have been out of power for a big chunk of the time I have been unable to work. What to do?

Grab the camera, head out with a friend, and have a photography walk. Even the littlest of people can have fun looking at the world through the eyes of a camera.

It's amazing how different everything looks when you start looking at it artistically. Suddenly, everything becomes even more interesting and beautiful than it was before: the bright red berry against the stark white snow; the tree branch that is completely encased in ice; even a simple bird sitting in the tree takes on a whole new dimension.

Next time you are sitting at home with a foot of snow outside, wondering what the heck you are gonna do with the kids that are home from school, bundle up and take the cameras out. You just might surprise yourself on what you can capture.

Here are a few of the shots I got on my winter photography adventure.

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