Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Be A Kid And Play!

When my kids were young enough that going to the park to play on the toys all day was the bomb, we did that a lot. It was free, gave them good exercise and best of all it would wear them out for bed that night. We'd pack a picnic lunch and head out for the afternoon. There were a handful of parks to choose from a short distance from our house, including the local grade schools, and we utilized them all.

I was always the mom that was playing tag with all the kids on the playground, pushing them "higher" on the swings and having races down the slide. I never understood why the other moms just sat aside with their books: I suppose it was their time, a moment for them to relax.

Don't get me wrong, I know that taking time for yourself is important. I just wrote an entire post about just that last week: "Take Time For Yourself.... It's Important!", so I get that.... really, I do. Sometimes you just gotta stop and relax. But, every other single mom, ever single time we go to the park?

Let me tell you from experience, being on the backside of raising children: It goes REALLY fast! Before you know it those kids are going to be grown up and not wanting to play with you any more. You will be sad you missed out.

Take time to play with your kids! There will be a lot of time, when they're gone, to get caught up on that novel you have been wanting to read. Let your hair down and swing on that swing, have the race down the slide and be "it" in tag. Not only will your kids have a blast, so will the entire playground and you'll get some extra exercise to boot.

You'll be the cool parent! 

Even now, I will play on the toys with my kids. We are quite a site since my kids are closer to having kids than being kids, but we are having fun, so who cares. Some day I hope to be the cool grandparent. I will once again be on that playground with all the children, while the moms sit and read. 

Can't wait!

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