Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby Chicks!

Jess and I are having a girls "weekend" today and tomorrow with grandma. It's fun to just be out doing girly things: ya know, shopping, lunch, and of course playing with baby animals! We went out to the local ranch that has all of their baby birds and played with the chicks and ducklings.

Some day I would love to have some chickens. I think it would be super cool to raise them to have your own eggs. I've heard there is nothing that can compare to fresh, organic eggs... yum. If there are any readers out there that happen to do this, I would LOVE any advice you would have. In any case it was really fun playing with the little guys. They are so fluffy and soft :o).

I can't think of many other activities that scream Spring. What a fun time!

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  1. We are planning to have chickens out here. I think it will be cool.