Friday, March 9, 2012

Our St. Patrick Day Memories

By Amy Hamblin

That fun little holiday is just around the corner.  You know, the one that has your children searching for little green men and pots of gold?  Here are some of our families St. Patrick's Day traditions.

Every year we have green food on St. Patrick’s Day.  We have had green salad, green Mac & Cheese, green cupcakes, and green eggs, but by far the kids’ favorite is green pancakes!  It is so easy to just add a little green food coloring and tada you have a whole new fun meal. 

This year we might have little more fun than just food because it is on a Saturday. Every year at my kids’ school they have a leprechaun hunt, but not this year since St. Patrick’s Day is on a Saturday.  My kids are a little bit bummed that they won’t get to hunt. I thought that geo caching would be a lot of fun and that is kind of like treasure hunting.  In case you don’t know what geo caching is I will fill you in.  You go on line and find latitude and longitude marks on certain websites where people have left buckets, boxes or containers of some kind.  They usually blend in so they are sometimes hard to find.  When you find them you take out a little toy and put it something new.  Last time we went my kids got erasers and Hot Wheels.  Some of these boxes have a log for you to sign your name.  It is fun and a different kind of family activity. 

If these are not your kind of activities find something that is and make some memories with the ones you love. 

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