Friday, May 25, 2012

Patriotic Wreath

There are a couple of ideas bouncing around for this patriotic wreath right now, and I loved it so much I had to share it with Memorial Day weekend coming up. This version here is my favorite, with the use of craft foam for the stars. 

This craft has all the perfect elements for me, as I have stated in the past: cheap, easy, and WAY cute! All you need is a wreath ring, yarn, craft foam and a little glue.


Red, white and blue yarn
craft wreath
white craft foam
glue gun (with glue of course ;o)


Begin your project with a wreath - foam or straw, it doesn't matter. If you decide to go with the straw wreath, leave the plastic on, it is a lot less messy and complicated this way.

Jamie, from The Creative Imperative, who came up with this idea, says it much easier to complete the project if you ball your yarn first. It takes some time to get your yarn in a ball, but overall you save a lot of time and frustrations this way.

Start with your red and white yarns and wrap around the wreath at about 4" each color. Don't trim the colors till the end, just wrap the next color around the straight string of the previous. When you have about 1/4 of your wreath left, switch to the blue yarn to finish her up. Use your glue gun to secure all loose yarn ends on the back.

There are several ideas out there on how to do the stars, so just be creative with this one. I will either be doing the craft foam, or buying some star buttons would look cute too I think. Here are all the ideas:

I like this idea, but think it would look WAY cuter with star buttons!

This is my favorite version ;o)


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