Friday, August 22, 2014

I Don't Clean Out My Toaster

I think I keep a pretty good house. Laundry is done every week, dishes are mostly in the dishwasher, and the floors are picked up and vacuumed. Then, as I was talking with someone about cleaning habits the other day, I started to feel more and more dirty with every comment. Behind my dryer? The crumbs in my toaster? Under the fridge!? *sigh*.... Just like my kids, I pick my battles with my house as well.

If you were to walk into my house at his very moment it seems presentable enough. Things are in order and uncluttered, I have enough Martha Stewart and Pintrist training that it is at least decorated like someone cares, and there isn't filth on my kitchen counters or table top. As a matter of fact, I am very happy to report that since my kids have grown up, and I'm not having to deal with their messes on top of mine, it looks pretty darn good. There are a few people I have talked to in the past however, who make me look like my housekeeping skills would fall more in line with Pig Pen's style of hygiene.

I don't pull out my fridge and stove once a month to clean out any of the rogue food that has found it's way to freedom by hiding very craftily underneath these gigantic appliances. I don't sanitize my counter tops every time I clean the kitchen. I don't pull out my washer and dryer on a routine basis to vacuum up the dust bunnies that have collected behind there, staying toasty warm all year long. And, I don't clean out the toast crumbs in my toaster, really ever, unless it starts dropping crumbs on my non-sanitized counter tops.

I didn't let this conversation, and others I have had like it in the past, get me down though. We all make decisions on how to spend our time and prioritize what's important to us. What's important to me? My family, my health, my job and my piece of mind are the things most important to me - probably in that order as well. IF after all of the aforementioned things have been taken care of, and IF I have some time left (yes, we will pause for a moment to finish laughing here) then I will think about cleaning out my toaster. 

But, I'll probably sit down and read a book instead.

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