Monday, August 25, 2014

Take A Photo Walk

Today's technology is amazing. Everyone has a camera with them almost all of the time. Take advantage of the modern era of digital photography by taking the kids on a photo walk. Let them have complete control over the camera and take pictures of whatever catches their attention. It's very interesting looking at the world through the eyes of a three year old.

The cool thing about taking pictures these days is it's instant. Gone are the days of taking a picture, hoping that everything turned out right to capture the moment, waiting until the role of film was finished, waiting again to get the film developed, and finally being able to take a look at what you got. Chances are half the role was tossed and you ended up being disappointed that a certain shot didn't turn out well.

Taking pictures now has never been easier. You can take 100 photos, look at them at the exact moment you took it to see if it turned out, retake if necessary, and not waste a bunch of money on film and developing costs. No muss no fuss. The best part is you can turn the kids loose to take a picture of whatever suites their fancy. It's amazing how long someone can be entertained - heck, myself included - when just taking pictures of all the cool things around you. All of the sudden a blueberry, a rock or a feather take on a whole new dimension. 

Chances are you have a couple of cameras at your disposal, or at the very least your phone: even the most simple of phones have cameras on them today. Head out and if there are enough camera's give each person one. If you only have one camera, no worries, just rotate and take turns every 5 minutes. If you are sharing a camera, here is a great way to keep track of who took what photos: before each person starts their turn on the camera, take a portrait of them, and that will be your place marker - all pictures taken after a portrait are those person's shots.

Once you are all walked and photoed out, go home and look at all the wonders everyone was able to find. You will probably be amazed at your budding photographers, and how great something so ordinary can look.

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