Friday, September 26, 2014

Burlap Swag

I love swags on my mantle. It just dresses it up so much without being too overbearing and gaudy. This fall I decided to play around with some of the cute little dried Indian corn that was at the farmers market. I always love those little bundles, so I wanted to do something that would really showcase them. I came up with this awesome swag. I will give you step by step instructions, including how to make an awesome bow to go with it.

Start with a burlap piece of 2 yards and cut a 12" strip. Take the first three strands and on each side and pulled them out to make the sides frayed. These string pieces will come in handy for tying your corn on.

Here are the step by steps in making your bow:

1. Decide how big you want your bow to be and fold your first half to the size desired. How big or small you make it is completely up to you.

2. Now, fold your second half to match the size of the first. This is your bottom layer of the bow.

3. Now, the important part. Twist your ribbon so the wrong side is facing up. This is so when you start the second layer of your bow, when you fold it over the right side will be showing.

4. Now, fold the first half of the second layer. I like to make this second layer just slightly shorter than the first. It gives your bow a nice dimension. Once folded, twist to have the wrong side facing up once again.

5. Fold the second half of your bow and trim your ribbon with about 4" of tail.

6. Take the "tail" of your ribbon and wrap it around your bow. Tuck the end in on the back side of your bow, and walla - beautiful.

7. Now, use your burlap string to tie your corn in a bundle and tie it, along with your bow, onto your burlap strip.

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