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10 Awesome Halloween Party Activities

No party would be complete without games and activities for your guests to participate in. They're a great way to keep the little ones busy and the adults socializing. I have a list of 10 great ideas to keep your party flowing - 5 for the kids and 5 for the teens and adults. Even if you have the guest that "hates games" (and there's always one or two of those) these should be sure to please. Have a great Halloween - and PARTY ON!


1. Cookie Decorating Station. This is perfect for the kids - heck, it's perfect for the adults too, who are we kidding here? It makes the cookie making a lot easier for you too. Just make up your sugar cookies and set them out naked with frosting and all the fun little Halloween cookie toppers you can find. Let everyone have at it, making and eating all the wonderful creations they can come up with.

2. Pumpkin Bowling. Use 2 Liter pop bottles, with about 2-3 inches of water in the bottom of them, for your bowling pins. Set up your bowling lane by lining a 5-10 foot long alley (depending on the age of your bowlers) with plastic and putting hay bales or bigger pumpkins on the side lines for bumpers.  Have a variety of sizes and shapes of pumpkins available for the players to pick their bowling balls from and have a fun game of bowling in the back yard, street or living room.
3. Mummy Wrap. Divide group into teams of 2-4 people, depending on the number of people at your party. Provide each team with 2 rolls of toilet paper. Each team is to pick a "mummy". On the mark, each team is to wrap up their mummy with the toilet paper provided. First one done wins.

4. Pumpkin Hunt. This is a version of an Easter egg hunt. Buy 5 white, and 10-15 orange, mini pumpkins. Hide them around your party area, just like you would eggs at Easter. Tell your hunters that the orange pumpkins are worth 1 point and your white pumpkins are worth 5 points. Divide the kids into 2-3 teams and set them loose. The one with the most points wins.

5. Balloon Darts. Get a couple dozen Halloween balloons and a bunch of small Halloween candy, toys, and confetti. Fill each balloon with either a piece of candy, a toy, confetti, or nothing (to keep things interesting). Blow each filled balloon up and tie. Buy the biggest piece of foam board you can, or tape together four of them to make one big board. Tape each balloon onto the foam board. For small kids, have each one take a turn picking a balloon and going up to pop it with a stick pin. Whatever was inside the balloon they get to keep. For older kids, and if the location of the foam board permits, have them pop the balloons with darts.


1. Who Said What? This is a version of the popular party game "Loaded Questions" that I made up to be a Halloween version. Hand each guest a piece of paper, and instruct them to write their name on the top. Each person takes a turn being it. The person who is it reads a question, all the other players write their answers on their paper and hand it to the person on the right of whoever is it. The person with the papers becomes the reader. Without any names being said, all answers are read and while they are being read the person it has to think about who they think wrote each answer. The answers are read again, and this time the it person has to say who they think that answer belongs to. Players should allow all papers to be read and guessed before the real real answers are revealed. After the person it guesses ALL of the answers, the reader reveals "who said what". One point is rewarded for each correct answer and play moves to the left.

Here are a few questions to get you started, but have fun with being creative in your questions:
  • You are in Home Depot during the zombie apocalypse. What is your weapon of choice.
  • What is your favorite Halloween costume you have ever dressed up in?
  • What movie has scared you the most?
  • If you were turned into a monster, what monster would you like to be?
  • What is your favorite Halloween treat?
  • You are in a house that you think is haunted and keep hearing noises. Where is the one place you WILL NOT go investigate.
  • What movie monster or villain scares you the most.
  • What would tip you off to a bad motel to check into.
  • You are looking to buy a house. What important information do you need to find out before you make your purchase?
  • You are running from a monster in the woods. What's the one thing you can expect will happen as you try to get away?
  • You are being stalked by a crazed maniac and the group decides to split up. You have to pair up with someone in this room. Who would it be and why?
  •  You are exploring an old abandoned building and find a room full of cool stuff. What one thing would you be sure to NOT touch or bring home with you?

2. Have You Ever? This is a fun spin on the game "have you ever?". It would probably go over a bit better with teenagers than adults, but it you have the right adults it would be fun. Have everyone sit in chairs in a circle, with one person reading questions. If you can answer yes to a question you get to move one chair to the right, if you answer no, you stay where you are. The first person around the circle wins..... and yes, if you move to the next chair, and someone is sitting there, on your lap you go. I have seen chairs piled up with 5-6 people before, and it's completely hilarious!

3. The Memory Game. This is a game that we made up a long time ago when we had a bunch of family over for dinner one night. We thought it would be a fun way to hear some stories about grandma and her life. All you do is throw a bunch of topics into a bowl and draw them one by one. Everyone has to tell a memory that involves that item. Topics should be random - we have had some very interesting stories come out of "shoes", "field mice" and "rivers". For your Halloween party, make the topics holiday themed:
  • Costumes
  • Halloween Candy
  • Trick-or-Treating
  • Ghosts
  • Scary Movies
  • Black Cat
  • Candy Corn
  • Pumpkins
  • Nightmares

4. Halloween Picture Scavenger Hunt. This is a game that is played before the party, and then pictures are shared when everyone is together. Break up your party into groups - this is especially fun to play if you can break up into couples. Give each group a list of things they have to find, or do, and take a picture of it. Here are a few ideas that we have had fun with in the past:
  • Someone in your group balancing a pumpkin on their head
  • A witch
  • A black Cat
  • Someone in your group standing on a bale of hay
  • Giving candy to a child
  • knock on someones door and take a picture of them the second they open it
  • a ghost
  • a picture of the craziest costume you can find
  • find a toy weapon and create a murder scene
  • the creepiest doll you can find

5. Murder Mystery Party. I am hearing about more and more people attending Murder Mystery parties. I personally have never been to one, but they sound fun and would be perfect for a Halloween party. Since I have never had one of these parties, all I can do is direct you to sites with ideas on how to do them, but I may just give this a try some time, when I'm feeling especially ambitious.

How to throw your own Murder Mystery Party: Step by Step on

Pre-packaged Murder Mystery board games on:

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