Thursday, October 23, 2014

15 Of The Worst Halloween Costumes

It's no secret that I love Halloween, and I love dressing up. There's something that makes you feel spunky about wearing a wig or the fun you can have being someone else for the night. I also love the creativity that never ceases to amaze me as I look around at what people have come up with. There are so many amazing ideas out there...... and then you have to wonder some times - What the heck were you thinking?! Here are 15 costumes that I wonder just that: WTF. Happy Halloween, and have a laugh on me.

 If you do a Google search on the worst Halloween costumes it's amazing what people think of. Most of the time I just sit there shaking my head and wondering how many beers it took before someone thought that was a good idea. Since I can't share all of those amazing gems on here - as I would never be able to track down and get permission to use all those photos - you will have to go sleuthing on your own for those. It's a train wreck! But, here are some costumes that you can actually purchase, like there is enough demand for these babies that they can sell them. Yikes.

So, here ya go - 15 of the worst Halloween costumes.


Now, admittedly Aaron and I dressed up like M&M's one year, so long ago. I still had a lot of left over baby fat and wasn't about to try and squish myself into some sexy little thing, so an M&M was fitting for my round shape of the time. I have to say though - these costumes are beyond anything I would find fun - just plain awkward.

 I guess all you need is mustard (which they do make btw)

I DO NOT understand the obsession with bacon

This looks as amazing as my old M&M costume. At least my costume didn't have a hood to go over my head. Doesn't look comfortable at all.

A sexy taco? I guess you can find a sexy costume for anything

I really have no words for these costumes that follow. I think the only word that comes to mind is - why? I would even be embarrassed to model for these pictures, and that's saying something if you ever have a chance to see some of the outfits I go out in.


It's so interesting what people will wear and think funny. I have seen some pretty awful things (things I would never even put on here since it's a family site), but these costumes take the cake.

 The funny thing is, I have a friend that would probably wear this and think it hilarious. Sigh.

Total face palm!


When my son was just a year old, we dressed him up like a tube of toothpaste. It was awesome! I took a pillowcase and re-created the toothpaste tube on it. Then I took a large yogurt container for the cap. It was adorable. These costumes that follow however, need some rethinking.


As you can see, from the sexy taco above, you can make anything skanky. The usual - nurse, cop, pirate and cheerleader can all be bootylicious. Then, you have the sexy costumes that shouldn't be sexy: corn on the cob, pizza, and sweet innocent Big Bird and Kermit. But to top them all off - what party would be complete without the dominatrix Nun. Oh no you didn't!

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