Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Haunted Village

I have been building a little fall village for a few years now, just picking up pieces here and there. While I was at the thrift store the other day I found the piece of all pieces to add to my collection. When I saw this mansion I couldn't believe it and bought it right away. Now, instead of just a regular fall village, I have turned it into a haunted village. 

Here is the piece that I bought:

A laboratory mansion, designed to look like Dr. Frankenstein mansion: but of course is owned by Dr. Tingle instead. Love the Jack-O-Lanterns on the front porch!

 The thing that sold me the quickest on this mansion was the monster on the roof. Are you kidding me? It doesn't get cooler than that!!!

Signs on the front porch advertise services offered - amputation, dissection and embalming. I love the dark foreboding door to the left with a keep out sign and logging saw.

There is even an electrical tower to power all of the demoniacal goings on inside the mansion. All windows are lined with science beakers and test tubes as well. It even lights up and plays spooky sounds and music. I am so in love with the newest resident of my village. Would it be weird to keep my mansion out with the rest of the villagers all through Thanksgiving?

Everything is set up right in front of the fire place. I used to keep it up on the piano, but we don't have it anymore and I had to find a new place to set up camp. I like it here much better, as I can see it more often - well, pretty much the entire time I'm in my living room. I actually saw someone who had their village set up inside the fireplace instead of just in front of it..... hmmmm. maybe I'll try that next year.

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