Friday, December 5, 2014

Easy Christmas Valance

A few years ago I had a total Martha Stewart moment. That doesn't happen in my life very often, I usually get my ideas by watching what other people do and then putting my own personal twist to it, making it into my own: It's not copying, but creative inspiration (yes, I actually learned that in a class once). One day I happened to be looking through all the Christmas decorations at the store and was hit with a brilliant idea - all on my own.

I was looking through all the beautiful table runners with matching place mats and napkins. I had an awesome snowman runner picked out - as I am a snowman geek - and saw the napkins next to it. I am not a fancy person, so therefore I don't ever make meals fancy enough to warrant using fancy napkins: good' ol paper napkins work for us. I will splurge and buy pretty Christmas napkins, but they are paper non-the-less. I mean, a fancy silk napkin is going to look awful funny next to my plain white Cornet plates..... but those napkins were so pretty, and the wheels were turning. That's when it hit me: these napkins would make a beautiful valance above my windows in the dining room and kitchen!

I snatched up a dozen of those napkins (50% off thank-you!), 6 red and 6 white, and brought them home to try out my fabulous idea. It looked amazing!

I purchased a simple pine cone, woodsy looking streamer (is that what they're called? Streamers?) and strung it in front of the napkins. It looks especially beautiful and wintery when there is snow outside.

I did the same thing in the kitchen, but used a snowman streamer that I already had. Since it's a much smaller window, the snowmen fit there perfectly.

Such a simple idea, and super inexpensive (especially if you can get your napkins on sale like I did!), but very elegant and festive looking. You can switch this up to suite any holiday or mood you desire. A quick and easy way to change the mood in a room without spending a bunch of money. Win-win!

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