Monday, December 8, 2014

The Tree Is Up!

Last year we changed things up with our Christmas tree. It was time for a new one (yes, we do the fake - it's less expensive, and more convenient in my opinion). With just Aaron and I home most of the time, we decided to downsize instead of turning our entire living room upside down to fit in a big tree. Here is what we came up with, and I love it!

I got a little three foot pre-lit tree that came in a beautiful ceramic tree pot. That, coupled with a nice fluffy nine-foot pre-lit garland, and we were set to go. The garland is perfect for under the mantle and the tree fits perfectly on the end of the hearth of the fire place. Between the two we have plenty of space for all of our favorite ornaments as we decorate the tree and garland to the nine's with all of our decorations. 

This makes our fireplace the central focal point of the room, which I love anyway. Throw a fire in there and it is the ultimate Christmas scene. It's so cozy and beautiful half the time I find myself watching the lights instead of the TV - good thing I don't watch that much TV!

Maybe some day, when we have little ones around again I will get another big tree. There is something about the magic of Christmas through the eyes of children that just wouldn't be complete without the biggest tree you can fit into a room, since Christmas feels bigger than life when you are small and have only experienced a few of them. I think when that time comes however, I will still keep my little tree on the hearth. It really brings me comfort to look at it.


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