Monday, May 23, 2016

Cliche Selfie Date

This last weekend we spent three days in Las Vegas with some friends of ours. On our last day we had a few hours to kill before our flight and wanted something fun to do without spending any more money - Vegas will bleed you dry and we were tapped out! We decided we were going to walk around for an hour and take every single cliche selfie we could think of in that amount of time. We actually had a blast doing this, it cost us zero dollars, and we had a good laugh at ourselves looking at the pictures in the airport. This idea could really be taken to any city you visit, or even your own home town if you need a free date. Grab the camera, get out there and get silly. Here are our favorite pictures from that little jaunt. 

 MGM Grand

 Monte Carlos

 The M&M Store

 The Statue of Liberty at New York, New York

 New York, New York "Skyline"

 Paris and Eiffel Tower

 Hard Rock 

 The Hershey's Store!

 New York, New York Bridge

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