Monday, May 30, 2016

Differences in Patriotic Holiday's

We have several patriotic holidays throughout the year that help up remember and honor those who have served (and are serving) to keep our country safe and defend our rights. While these holidays are great for enjoying a day with good food, friends and family, and a day off from work it's important to remember why we have these holidays in the first place. Here's a list of all of our patriotic holidays, when they are, and WHY we have a day set aside to celebrate each one. 


Celebrated on the third Saturday in May, armed forces day is set aside to honor all of those serving our county currently. All those men and women training, honing their skills and giving their time to be ready at a moments notice to do what needs to be done to ensure our safety and freedom and who willingly go and defend others in the world who need our help.


Memorial day is always the last Monday in May. It is for remembering those who have died in the service of our country. Those giving the ultimate sacrifice for us to be able to have the basic rights and comforts in life that we enjoy every day; defending our country from those who would take away those rights; keeping us safe, comfortable and free and helping others in the rest of the world be able to have those basic rights as well. It is very important to not let their sacrifice be in vain and to honor them and what we have because of them.


The formation of our country as we know it today. It's the date that we claimed our independence from England and declaring ourselves as a new nation. 


A day set aside every year, on November 11, to honor all those who have served passed years in the armed forces. Those who served their time, whether is was for a few years or an entire career, in helping keep our country safe and sound. A day to thank them for the time they spent in serving our country and the willingness they had to give the ultimate sacrifice if needed.

Each of these holidays are a way for us to reflect, give thanks to those who work so hard to keep us safe and remember what our country is all about. That freedom isn't free, that there are many people out there ensuring that our quality of life remains what it is, that many people have died to make sure that our rights stay intact and make our country the great place to live that it is.

Thank you SO much to all of those, past and present, who have given me the amazing country and life that I enjoy every day! I love you and appreciate you and everything you have done for me, my family and my fellow countrymen.

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