Monday, May 16, 2011

Unknown Dinner Party

I have been having unknown dinner parties since I was a teen. I cant tell you where I first got the idea for them because I honestly don't remember. They are great for kids and adults alike and are a super fun, guaranteed hit.

1) Come up with a four course menu. You must have 16 things to serve - make sure that silverware, napkin, drink - everything - is an item. We do this a lot with Mexican fare since it's our favorite food. Here is an example of what could be on your list.

1. Empanadas 
2. Conchas 
3. knife 
4. salsa  
5. Guacamole 
6. fork 
7. dressing 
8. Taco  
9. napkin 
10. Drink 
11. Enchilada  
12. corn chips    
13. Sour Cream     
14. Chimichanga     
15. Spoon     
16. salad

2) Hand out menus, like above, with four squares, each containing four empty squares inside. Every guest is to write a number from 1-16 in each of the boxes, in any order.

3) You will now serve each guest a four course meal based on what numbers correlate with the menu items in your kitchen. For example, if in the first box your guest put the numbers 3, 6, 9, 12 then they would get - a knife, a fork, a napkin and corn chips.

4) Make sure to collect ALL items before serving the next course. If someone gets all of their silverware in one turn, they MAY NOT keep it for the next. Sorry Charlie, you are eating with your hands. Same with napkins and drinks: no carry overs.

5) Make sure to have plenty of food leftover so people can dig in and eat like a normal human being after all courses have been served.

Other theme ideas: Thanksgiving dinner, Chinese, Italian and breakfast foods - just get creative and have fun!

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