Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Man Cave: Sauerkraut and Banana Peel Sandwich

After 23 years I think I've learned the two most important words in marriage. I truly believe if you can master them the odds of your marriage being a long and happy one increase exponentially.

Trouble is, when they cross your tongue these two simple words taste like a moldy sauerkraut and banana peel sandwich.

 "I'm sorry."

Those two words have saved more marriages than all other words put together. ('s sort of three words, but whatever.)

When the red haze of battle is still obscuring your vision, when you are absolutely certain you are 100% right and your spouse is 100% wrong, those two words are a foul, nasty tasting sandwich of humility. It is in these moments that marriages are made or broken.

Plug your nose, smother your smug desire to be "right" in the syrup of long-sightedness, and try not to gag.

Get the words out.

You'll feel better.

* photo by Dunstan

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  1. I love Scotty but he hasn't mastered this one yet:) I am going to have him read this one!