Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Taking My Little Girl To College Today

We are climbing into our vehicle in just a few short hours for the drive to Jess's new home. As I type this I have butterflies in my tummy. This is certainly going to be a new adventure for both of us, but most especially Jess. Will tears ensue? Only time will tell.

We spent most of our day yesterday packing. I think this was a good cleansing period for Jess as well, because it gave her a good excuse to go through her entire room and get rid of a bunch of things. It's amazing how much stuff you can cram into a Pathfinder when you are determined.

Yup, even the big bear was included. She wants to take everything with her, but I guess if we can get it into my car we can get it into her dorm. I am still keeping that bit of advice I got, "make their dorm as close to their bedroom at home as possible", so that is what we are going to do. I am excited to get her set up.

Last night we had a simple dinner for her. Grandma, her cousin, boyfriend and the four of us were all in attendance. Simple. Intimate. Quiet. It was perfect. Jess was quiet most of the evening as the "last time" for things started hitting her, but she is standing strong. I'm not sure which emotion is stronger for her at this point: excitement or anxiety. 

I will keep her busy all day decorating and setting up her dorm. Aaron, Jeff and Alex will be meeting up with us in the evening, so we will all be together tonight. Once we go to the hotel, I think that's when things will start to set in for her. We will see her one last time tomorrow and then she's on her own. 

Thank heavens for text, free mobile to mobile and Skype! Things are certainly a lot different for college bound kids these days. Gone are the days of once a week long distance phone calls and snail mail. You can stay so much more connected that I think it helps ease kids in. I'm sure I will be getting play by play texts for the first few days: it will ease off as time passes though, I have no doubt.

Here we are at the precipice of the next phase in life. Many emotions are running through both of us right now, but it is mostly excitement. This is what it's all about - this is what you raise your kids to do: to grow up, move out and become their own person. I will not be loosing my little girl at all, but will be exchanging her for a friend: that I am excited about. 

I will always be her mother, nothing can change that, but I won't have to "mother" her much any more: she is an adult. Advice may be sought after, and maybe even valued and followed, but in the end it's all her. Now is the time that I get to be her peer, her equal and her friend.
Thank you for putting up with me this week as I document this pivotal moment in my life. I have enjoyed sharing it and hope on some level everyone has enjoyed reading it. That's what life is all about, experiences and learning from them, and if you can learn from someone else along the way, so much the better!

Here was our week in a nutshell if you missed any of it:

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  1. I remember when my parents took me to college. My mom cried, my Dad told me to remember to check my oil and I stood strong with a feeling of homesickness in my stomach. Then the next weeks that followed though were pure homesickness and phone chats with my mom. I was over 3 hours away and had a job that allowed me to go home about once a month or less. Over time things got better. I made friends that lived close to home and was able to find love going home with them to their families. I made some life long friends because of it. It was funny because all I ever wanted to do was leave home and then when it actually happened. I was missing home and home cooking. I am so excited for both you and Jess! Hope you had a great time getting her dorm set up. That would be the main focus for me too.