Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Man Cave: Strength Through Struggle

I hear people all the time pose the questions "If God is exists, why does he allow so many evil things to happen in the world?"

If God is there, allowing bad things to happen, I like to think it's because he is a wise parent.

When I sent my kids off to school I knew they would face challenges I wouldn't always be immediately available to help them with. Bullies. Unfair teachers. Exhausting schedules. Excessive homework. Cold walks in the snow. Missing the bus. Depression. Mean dogs. Lost lunch money.

I sent them anyway because besides getting an education I knew they needed to learn how to deal with life on their own; how to deal with mean people; how to deal with unfair situations, how to deal with stress. When a situation warranted it, my wife or I stepped in, but most of the problems they faced on a daily basis they dealt with on their own.

I think that when we protect kids from all hazards we do them a disservice. Life is sometimes a battle. Bad things happen, and don't always get better right away. Some challenges last many generations. By facing them we become stronger. Our individual characters develop width and depth.

If God is up there, I think he understands this.

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  1. If you believe in God & the bible,
    then you also know about the opposing force. You can call it evil,Satan,darkness etc. I am amazed that when something bad happens...people say why did God let this happen. The force that works against God wants you to question his greatness & love for his children. People do this so easily. Life is like a path. Choose
    the one to take carefully.