Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Skull Candle

I was shopping this weekend and saw a black skull candelabra that was totally wicked cool. It also had a $20.00 price tag on it and I just didn't feel it was worth that much. I got looking at it and thought I could make one for way less money, so that's what I did. Aaron and I had a great time last night putting this little baby together. It looks amazing, and the best part is the price tag on it ended up being only $4.00!

I'll show you how to make it for yourself. It will be impressive with any Halloween decor.

I found this really cool candle stick at the thrift store for only $2. The best thing about getting a candlestick at the thrift store is it is already aged. You do not want a shiny new looking item to go with your Halloween decor. It should be old looking for sure and this fit the bill perfectly. I also loved the fact that it was an ornate wood: almost Celtic in it's design. The skull I found at the Halloween Spirit Store for $2 as well.

I wanted to mount the skull onto the candlestick so that our tapered candle would still be able to sit inside the candle ring. The fist step was to figure out the best positioning of the skull. I wanted to make sure that the jaw bone would come down below the candlestick in the front. I set the skull on there and positioned it right where I wanted it and traced around the candle ring. That was where my hole was going to be cut.

We didn't have a drill bit big enough to cut a nice clean hole in one fell swoop, so I took a smaller drill bit and cut around the circle as a guide.

Next, Aaron took a small utility knife and "connected the dots" to make a nice cut circle in the bottom of our skull. We then repeated the process on the top so that the candle could go all the way through to the candle ring. Once both holes were complete we took the glue gun and mounted the skull onto the candlestick.

Then the fun part - we got an extra red candle and melted the wax down the skull to give it the appearance of long use. We chose red candles because... hello, red dripping down a skull is a bloody, spooky touch.

Walla, the final product. Wicked cool, super easy to make and only $4.00. LOVE IT!


  1. This was a fun project and turned out really cool!

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