Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You Know It's Time To Take The Tree Down When

I am running on fumes this morning, having gotten too few hours of sleep last night. I am feeling more zombie than human and my eyes are stinging just looking at this computer monitor. I do not have the brain power to be serious about anything, and even if I did, serious isn't really in my vocabulary very often. When I am really tired I tend to get really dorky - so I am going to allow my dorkiness to shine through. For your enjoyment on this amazingly dark and cold morning:


10. The squirrels have given up and moved out

9. There are more needles on the ground than on the tree

8. You start putting red, white and blue decorations on it for the 4th of July

7. Your beautiful 8 foot tree is now only 4 feet 

6. You can see all of the ornaments on your tree from one spot

5. The tinsel has started to rust

4. Your stingy neighbor asks if you need to borrow his truck for a dump run

3. The fire department pulls up in front of your house and tells you are in fire code violation

2. You have to unplug the lights so that trick-or-treaters don't see them, think your home and knock on your door for candy

1. Your annual tree chopping day arrives and you are wondering if you might be able to pull just a few more weeks out of that tree in the corner.
picture taken by Keisha Suzanne

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