Thursday, March 15, 2012

Green Graham Cracker Sandwiches

Make the after school snack a little more fun and festive today by throwing some green bling into the mix. Any time an ordinary thing becomes just a little different than regular it all of the sudden becomes cool and amazing.

The other day when I was making my sugar cookies, I had some left over frosting. Usually what happens is, I put it in the fridge so as not to waste it, time elapses and it never gets used, so then I throw it away. At least this way I am throwing something bad away instead of something perfectly good and usable...... right? This time I got a wild hair and did something I haven't done in years: I made graham cracker sandwiches.

Yummmmm. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I had graham crackers and frosting. It's the little things in life that are sometimes the most enjoyable. And, did the fact that the frosting was green make them taste any better? You better believe it! ;o)

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