Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Green Popcorn

I'm still in full on St. Patrick's day geek out, so you have a few more days of ideas from me. What did I do last night? Green popcorn! Just add a little color to your butter and you have instant holiday festiveness.

Jess is home for Spring break and I have been having a lot of fun hanging out with her. One of the things we used to do before she left was have "Chick Flick" night on Tuesdays while Aaron was at band practice. This has since turned into our Skype nights, since she is not home to watch movies with, but this week she was!

We curled up to watch our Tuesday night chick flick, and what better snack to make than popcorn. Oh, but I can' make just any ol' popcorn.... it's St. Patrick's day, so it has to be green popcorn. I wasn't in the mood for anything sweet however, so green candied corn was out. Well, easy fix: just add some green food coloring to my butter and whala - greeness to go around.

I know you are just dying to find out what movie we watched. Ok, here's the thing, Jess and I have been watching the Twilight movies together since they came out several years ago. We both read the books, and the movies always come out on her birthday, so it has been tradition. However, with her in college now, watching movies together is a little difficult, so last night we pulled up "Twilight, Breaking Dawn" on Vudu and watched that together. We figured we could snuggle and get a good laugh together. I'm here to tell you that it wasn't as bad as everyone said it was, better than we were expecting, and in my opinion the best movie in the series thus far: it is also the first movie that Stephanie Meyer herself has produced. Good job Stephanie, you definitely took it up a notch.

The point is, we had green popcorn with it ;o)

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  1. How funny I am watching that movie at this very moment. I bought it. I actually really like the series. I cannot get mom Smout to watch it though.