Friday, March 16, 2012

Shamrock Bread Sticks

My last St. Patties day treat idea for this year: Shamrock Bread Sticks. Jess is home for Spring break and I have been trying to make some of her favorite meals. On the docket this week was spaghetti and french bread. I took my french bread dough and had a little fun.... but the spaghetti is a whole other story!

I was having a very busy day when I made this dinner. I had a lot of appointments stacked up, and a lot of things that had to get done that day. Thank goodness for my bread maker! I got the bread dough going early in the morning before I started working and set the timer for one of my breaks. During that break I shaped my dough into these lovely shamrocks and got the spaghetti sauce on to cook - sauce is one of those things that tastes great if you let it simmer for a while anyway, so things were working out great for me and I was feeling very organized.

Dinner time finally arrived, and after boiling the noodles for the spaghetti sauce, we all sat down to the table. The shamrock bread sticks were a huge success, and several were devoured before we barley had our butts in our seats. As we were settling down, Jess took the first bite of spaghetti. She got a funny look on her face and looked up at me. "Are you trying something different with the spaghetti? It tastes like tacos." What!! OMG, are you  kidding me!? After all of my perfect planning and timing, and feeling so smug that I was able to pull the whole thing off, I accidentally put taco seasoning in my sauce instead of spaghetti seasoning.... what a dode! We ended up eating Spoco for dinner, as everyone started calling it. Thank goodness it didn't taste bad at all ;o)

At least the bread sticks turned out great! Making them is easy. Just use your favorite bread dough recipe, or if you are a bread dough tard like many of my friends are and it's just not your thing, good ol' Rhodes bread dough works great too. You could also use a pre-made bread sticks dough.

Just thaw out  your dough and shape into the shamrocks. I brushed my dough with a garlic herb butter that I made to give it a yummy taste and little specks of green on it. Cook accordingly.

Once again, you have just taken an ordinary item on the dinner table, that you eat all of the time, and made it super fun and festive. It only takes a few extra minutes and everyone has smiles on their faces!

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