Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunday Retreat

We are all busy. Work, kids, chores.... I could go on forever on all of the things in our lives that keep us busy. Sometimes I think we get so busy that we loose sight of what is really important in life - your family and your health. Take a day retreat, at home, and have fun with the kids (or if your like me, and the kids are gone, your significant other ;o)

I am issuing a challenge to everyone for this week. Take one morning this weekend (for me it will be Sunday) and do nothing! Sleep in, stay in your pj's, get something really sugary for breakfast and watch cartoons with your kids till noon. Clear the schedule.

It might be a little to short notice for many, as your weekend is probably already full. If that's the case, do it next weekend, just get it on the calendar. Make it a family planning event. Let the kids pick their favorite sugar cereal or doughnut for breakfast, and let them show you some of their favorite cartoons: then start to pull out some of your favorite cartoons from your youth - bust out the Bugs and Captain Cave Man (crap, I probably just dated myself quite a bit ;o)

You will feel much better, I promise, and ready for the week ahead of you. A little retreat without having to leave home. Sometimes those are the best kind!

picture taken from John K Stuff

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